Books and Journal Editorship

Books and Journal Editorships


Academic staff in Linguistics and Modern Languages edit a range of journals and book series, as well as serving as members of numerous editorial boards.



Dan McIntyre is Editor of Language and Literature (SAGE), the peer-reviewed journal of the international Poetics and Linguistics Association. Language and Literature features the latest research in literary and non-literary stylistics and is published four times a year. 

Book Series


Perspectives on the English Language (Palgrave) is edited by Lesley Jeffries and Dan McIntyre. Books in the series introduce key concepts in English language and linguistics and are aimed at undergraduate students.


Advances in Stylistics (Bloomsbury) takes a broad view of stylistics as the practice of using linguistic methodologies and analytical frameworks to facilitate the analysis of texts of all genres and types, for the purpose of explaining why we interpret texts in the way that we do. The series is edited by Dan McIntyre and Louise Nuttall and is aimed primarily at postgraduate students and researchers, though many books in the series are also suitable for advanced undergraduates.

Editorial board membership (journals)

  • Erica Gold is on the editorial board of Crime, Security and Society.
  • Lesley Jeffries is on the editorial board of Language and Literature.
  • Liz Holt is on the editorial board of Social Psychology Quarterly.
  • Dan McIntyre is on the editorial board of Etudes de Stylistique Anglais and the Journal of Corpora and Discourse.
  • Jim O’Driscoll is on the editorial boards of Mediation Theory and Practice and the Journal of Language, Aggression and Conflict, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Politeness Research.

Editorial board membership (book series)

  • Lesley Jeffries is on the editorial board of Advances in Stylistics (Bloomsbury).
  • Dan McIntyre is on the editorial board of Studies in Language and Translation (Cambridge Scholars).
  • Jim O’Driscoll is on the editorial board of Pragmatics Interfaces (Equinox).