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Dr Aleksei Nazarov


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Dr Aleksei Nazarov

BA, MPhil (Leiden), PhD (UMass Amherst)

Senior Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology

Research and Scholarship

My work is centred around questions in phonological theory, computational phonology, and connections of phonology to non-linguistic phenomena. All these questions are tied together by a focus on investigating how infants (and adults) can (and cannot) use general cognitive mechanisms to induce linguistic structure from ambient data. The following is a list of my current and recent projects:

Phonological Theory:
- Fitting the typology of vowel reduction with mora-based metrical domains
- Arguing for the existence of lexically gradient and phonetically unnatural phonotactic constraints (with Gašper Beguš)

Computational Phonology:
- Modelling the learnability of exceptionality and variation in Optimality Theory
- Showing the sufficiency of general cognitive strategies for learning stress in Principles and Parameters (with Gaja Jarosz)
- Influence of surface transparency/opacity of a phonological process on its learnability (with Joe Pater)
- Modelling the acquisition of phonological features with discovery procedures

Phonology & Extra-linguistic Phenomena:
- Arguing for effects of phonological features and phonotactics in beatboxing vocal percussion (with Devon Guinn)

Teaching and Professional Activities

Aleksei convenes:

  • AIL2502: Field Linguistics
  • AIL2509: Phonetics and Phonology

Aleksei teaches on:

  • AFL1501: Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics
  • AFL1502: Approaches to Language Study
  • AHL3501: Dissertation in English Language and Linguistics