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Dr Diana Pili-Moss

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Dr Diana Pili-Moss

MA (Milan) PGCE (Manchester Metropolitan University) PhD (Lancaster University)

Lecturer in Language Acquisition

Research and Scholarship

My current research interests are in the area of second language acquisition and multilingualism. More specifically, I am interested in the cognitive processes that underpin how children and adults acquire and use a second or additional language. This includes the role of cognitive individual differences (e.g., memory, executive function), the way sentences are processed (e.g., language automatizaton), age differences in the way second languages are learned, and the nature of the language knowledge acquired (implicit vs. explicit). I am also interested in the pedagogical implications of this research for how languages are taught and learned in the classroom and in the role of corrective feedback. Previously I did research in the area of comparative linguistics focusing on the structure of the left periphery in Romance vs. Germanic languages and the syntax/semantics interface.


The modules I teach at the University of Huddersfield include Syntax, Child Language Acquisition, Field Linguistics, Introduction to Linguistics and Approaches to Language Studies.


You can find my most recent papers on Pure (link: