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Dr Jim O'Driscoll


J.O’ | 01484 47000

J.O’ | 01484 47000

Dr Jim O'Driscoll

BA (Cambridge) MA (Essex) PhD (Gent)

Senior Lecturer in English Language 


After graduating with a BA Hons in English from Cambridge (1974), and being sacked after only one week as a window cleaner, I went to live in Greece and started teaching English as a Foreign Language. While working at the British Council in Athens, I took the Royal Society of Arts Diploma in TEFL, found it fascinating and became a TEFL 'professional '. Ten happy years and three countries later, I found that the attraction of teaching people how to use - and when not to use - the present perfect for the 127th time was beginning to pall. I was, however, more-than-ever fascinated by language, so I did an MA in Descriptive and Applied Linguistics (Essex 1986). Then, after two years as a study skills tutor at the University of Bahrain, I became a lecturer in English at the University of Gent in Belgium, where I also studied for and obtained my PhD degree.

While in Gent, I organized (with S. Slembrouck) two large international conferences (PALA in 1992 and Sociolinguisics Symposium 14 in 2002) and in 2002 became co-ordinator of a new IELTS sub-centre there. In addition to research activities (see Research and Scholarship page) and teaching in post, I went on exchange visits under the Socrates scheme to Finland, the Netherlands and Portugal, taught courses at the Université d’Artois in France (1999-2002) and in 2001 held a Visiting Professorship at the Hogechool in Gent. I also undertook a range of consultancy roles, among which were as adviser on English accents to Leerhout & Hauspie Speech Products (1995) and to Dirk Denoyelle (a multilingual Belgian entertainer, 2003), and (with A-M. Vandenbergen) did the translating, editing and spoken commentary of the English-language version of the video ‘De Visione Dei: a computer-animated analysis of Van Eyck’s Gent Altarpiece’ (2000).

I left Gent in 2005. Among the consultancy roles which I undertook in the next two years was one for Athabasca University in Canada (‘English Second Language Learning Objects for Mobile Devices’) and one for the HEFCE-funded project ‘Transforming Policy and Practice in Dispute Resolution in HEIs’. It was my interest in this latter area - that is, the application of insights from linguistics to conflict resolution studies - which led to my being invited to talk to the northern regional branch of the Association of Heads of University Administration in November 2007 and which, because of developing work in this field here in the English subject area at Huddersfield, was also one reason why I was happy to take up my present post, which I did in October 2007.

Research and Scholarship

My research interests are informed by my first-hand experience of the use of many different languages and environments, an awareness of the variety which exists and the need for us all to understand each other better in a globalised world. They straddle several aspects of language-in-situated-use, more particularly how this affects, and is affected by, the world we live in (sociolinguistics) and what meanings and interpersonal effects are achieved through it (pragmatics). My present foci include the concept of face (in particular the need to refine it as a means of exploring the interplay between situational and cross-cultural factors in interaction), the use of taboo language and attitudes to it and the application of linguistic insights and methodologies to conflict resolution (in particular the application of Goffman 's architecture of interaction to this endeavour).

Apart from publication and conference participation (see ‘Research Outputs’ page), my research-related roles include refereeing of manuscripts for and membership of the Editorial Advisory Board of several international journals, collaboration with Lesley Jeffries and others on an ongoing project on Language in Conflict, membership of the Scientific Committee for international conferences and membership of several professional associations (including GAS, an informal group studying the works of Goffman).

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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