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Dr Louise Nuttall

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Dr Louise Nuttall

BA MA PhD (Nottingham)

Senior Lecturer in Stylistics


Louise is a Senior Lecturer in Stylistics at the University of Huddersfield, which she joined in January 2016. Louise gained her PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2015, where she also obtained a BA in English Studies in 2010 and an MA in Literary Linguistics in 2012. Her PhD research investigated the application of cognitive grammar in the stylistic analysis of prose fiction, focusing on the linguistic projection of character minds. Both her MA and PhD were funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Her first published article was awarded the 2015 PALA Prize for best article published in Sage’s Language and Literature journal by a newcomer to the field.

Research and Scholarship

Louise’s research interests centre in stylistics, cognitive linguistics and points of contact between the two. Her research draws on developments in Cognitive Grammar, Text World Theory and cognitive narratology in order to enrich the analysis of mind-style in literary and non-literary texts. Louise has worked with, and continues to explore, new methodologies for analysing reader responses to texts, both online and in person. She is particularly interested in how such analysis can be used to test the accounts of textual interpretation set out in cognitive stylistics.

Publications and Other Research Outputs

in press

Harrison, C and Nuttall, L (in press) 'Cognitive Grammar and reconstrual: Reexperiencing Margaret Atwood's "The Freeze-dried Groom"'. In: Neurohr, B and Stewart-Shaw, L, eds. Experiencing Fictional Worlds. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 

Nuttall, L and Harrison, C (in press) 'Wolfing down the Twilight Series: metaphors for reading in online reviews'. In: Pihlaja, S and Ringrow, H, eds. Contemporary Media Stylistics. London: Bloomsbury.


Nuttall, L (2018) Cognitive Grammar and Mind Style: Language and Worldview in Speculative Fiction. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Nuttall, L (2018) 'Cognitive Grammar: how do the structures of language create meaning in The Handmaid's Tale?' Babel: the Language Magazine, Issue no. 24, pp. 25-28.

Harrison, C and Nuttall, L (2018) 'Re-reading in stylistics' Language and Literature, 27(3), pp. 176-95. ISSN 0963-9470.


Nuttall, L (2017) ‘Online readers between the 'camps': A Text World Theory analysis of ethical positioning in We Need to Talk About Kevin’ Language and Literature, 26 (2), pp. 153-171. ISSN 0963-9470


Nuttall, L (2015) ‘Attributing minds to vampires in Richard Matheson's I Am Legend’ Language and Literature , 24 (1), pp. 23-39. ISSN 0963-9470


Nuttall, L (2014) ‘Constructing a text-world for The Handmaid's Tale’. In: Cognitive Grammar in Literature. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 83-99. ISBN 9789027234049

Harrison, C., Nuttall, L., Stockwell, P. and Yuan, W. (2014) Cognitive Grammar in Literature . Linguistic Approaches to Literature. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: John Benjamins. ISBN 978 90 272 3404 9


Series Editor:

Advances in Stylistics (Bloomsbury, 2017 - present, with Dan McIntyre)

Board Member:

Secretary, International Association of Literary Semantics (2017 - present)

Editorial Assistant:

Babel: The Language Magazine (2017 - present)


2012-15: Arts and Humanities Research Council Full Doctoral Award

2014: AHRC Research Training Support Grant

2013: University of Nottingham Graduate School Travel Prize

2011-12: AHRC Research Preparation Masters Award 

Conference organisation:

'Symposium for A-Level Teachers of English Language', University of Huddersfield (June 2016, June 2017)

‘Real, Ideal or Implied? The Reader in Stylistics’, University of Nottingham, School of English (June 2014)

‘Cognitive Grammar in Literature Symposium’, University of Nottingham, School of English (Feb 2013)

Research degree supervision

Louise is interested in supervising Masters and PhD research in:

  • Cognitive stylistic approaches to the analysis of prose and poetry

  • Linguistic representations of mind/worldview in fiction or non-fiction

  • Applications of cognitive grammar to discourse

Please feel free to contact me if you have other ideas for projects that you think I might be interested in supervising!

Administrative responsibilities

Outreach and recruitment tutor for Linguistics and Modern Languages.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Louise is Module Leader for the following modules:

  • AFL1503 Introduction to Stylistics

  • AIL2506 Stylistics

  • AMLXXXX Cognitive Stylistics

Louise also teaches on:

  • AHL3501 Dissertation in English Language and Linguistics