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Dr Liz Holt

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Dr Elizabeth Holt

BA DPhil (York) FHEA

Senior Lecturer in English Language


Liz Holt studied Sociology at University of York and followed this with a DPhil in Sociology with the title ‘Figures of Speech: An Exploration of the Use of Idiomatic Phrases in Conversation’. She was appointed to Brunel University in 1990 as a temporary lecturer in Social Sciences and to Huddersfield in 1991.

Liz collaborates with colleagues from York, Leeds and London Universities. She regularly presents at international conferences, such as IPrA and has co-edited a collection of articles on Conversation Analysis for CUP. She has been awarded a University bursary for a research studentship in CA.

She frequently reviews for international journals such as Research on language and Society.

Research and Scholarship

My area of research is Conversation Analysis, particularly the use of reported speech and idiomatic expressions in talk-in-interaction. I have also studied death announcements in conversations, and I am currently involved in the analysis of laughter in both institutional and informal talk.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research degree supervision

I could supervise projects in: 

  • Conversation Analsysis, focusing on informal or institutional talk.

  • Research into metaphor or figurative/idiomatic expressions

  • Research using Conversation Analysis, especially on call centre interaction, reported speech, laughter, topic transition and figurative phrases.