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Fransina De Jager

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Fransina de Jager

BA (University College Roosevelt, Netherlands) MA (University of Huddersfield)

Administrative Assistant (Research)


Fransina joined the university in March 2018 as an administrative assistant on the AHRC-funded research project Hansard at Huddersfield. The role is impact-focussed and involves eliciting feedback on the project from collaborators who share a professional interest in Hansard in order to develop a resource that meets real world needs.  

Fransina is also a part-time PhD student at the university researching narrative empathy from a Cognitive Grammar perspective. She gained her BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (majors: linguistics, literature, art history and Spanish) from University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, the Netherlands. She decided to focus on linguistics afterwards, and obtained her MA in English Language and Applied Linguistics from the University of Huddersfield in 2017. 


Since 2016 Fransina has been a collaborator on the Huddersfield-Utrecht-Middelburg Corpus, a corpus of 19th-century fiction. 



  • 2017: University of Huddersfield, Chancellor’s Prize Winner (MA)


  • Member of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA)

  • Member of the Philological Society


  • 2018: University of Huddersfield, PhD Fee Waiver Scholarship