Forensic phoneticians at IAFPA

Huddersfield’s burgeoning forensic phonetics section was well represented at International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA) 25 at the University of York in late July.

Erica Gold gave an invited talk as part of the Combining the results of the different feature analyses in forensic speaker comparison session and was a discussant on the ensuing panel.

Sula Ross (with Peter French and Paul Foulkes) gave a paper on “UK Practitioners’ Estimates of the Distribution of Speech Variants”, for which she won the best student paper prize.

Kate Earnshaw gave a poster on “Assessing the Discriminatory Power of /t/ and /k/ for Forensic Speaker Comparison using a Likelihood Ratio Approach”.

The WYRED team (Erica, Sula and Kate) gave a poster on their project, the “West Yorkshire Regional English Database”.

Also in attendance were Rana Alhussein Almbark and undergraduates Elliott Land and Francesca Hippey.

Congratulations Sula and well done to all presenters.

Hazel Price