Huddersfield linguists out in force at PALA

Huddersfield linguists put in a substantial showing at PALA’s annual conference at the University of Cagliari, Sicily, at the end of July.

Louise Nuttall won the prestigious PALA prize, awarded annually for the best article published in Language and Literature by a newcomer to the field, for her article ‘Attributing minds to vampires in Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend’.*

An invited talk on the HUM110 Stylistics corpus was given by Dan McIntyreBrian Walker (with Michael Burke and colleagues).

Talks were given by:
Brian Walker, Dan McIntyre, Lesley Jeffries & Hazel Price: Would o’, could o’, should o’, but did they? Modality in UK Green Party policy documents one year on from the Language Unlocked consultancy

Tatyana Karpenko-Seccombe: Authenticity of the author’s voice in translation: A cognitive view

Sawsan Hazim Hassan: The representation of religion in the British press: A corpus-based critical stylistic analysis

Hazel Price: The changing vocabulary of mania: A critical and corpus stylistic analysis of the representation of mania in newspapers between 1983-2013

Emma Andrews: Representing distinctive voices in intralingual subtitling: A case study of Breaking Bad

Louise Nuttall: Authentic mind style in speculative fiction

Jim O’Driscoll: The seduction in everyday discourse: An interpersonal pragmatic view

Brian Walker: What did Putin really say? Speech presentation in BBC News coverage of an interview with Vladimir Putin for Russian TV

Lesley Jeffries: Poetic style and textual conceptual meaning

Soran Al Wandawi: Father-daughter relationship in Sylvia Plath’s poem “Daddy”: A critical stylistic analysis

Mahmood Kadir Ibrahim: Ideologies in Sherko Bekas’s “Feast”: A critical stylistics and conceptual metaphor approach

Dan McIntyre, Yufang Ho, Jane Lugea (with Jing Wang & Zhijie Xu): Worldbuilder: A tool for Text World analysis

Good showing, all!

*This is actually the second time the PALA prize has come to Huddersfield, as Jane Lugea won it in 2013!