Lesley speaks in Madrid

Lesley Jeffries is off to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid this week to give a one-off seminar for the staff and graduate students there.

Buena suerte, Lesley!

Her title and abstract follows.

Critical Stylistics – the analysis of ideation and ideology in non-literary texts

This talk will introduce the concept of textual meaning, within a wider theory of language and communication. It will focus specifically on the ways in which texts can make meaning in addition to the propositional meaning produced directly by the lexico-grammatical resources of the language. This layer of textual meaning will be exemplified by analysis of a number of short text extracts and using a subset of the tools of analysis included in the framework of Critical Stylistics. These tools of analysis represent the ‘textual conceptual functions’ of texts which allow text producers to naturalise and background the ideational aspects of their texts. The functions to be focussed on in this talk will include naming, contrasting and negating, though others will be mentioned in passing too.

Hazel Price