MA and PhD graduation 2017

Congratulations to all our MA and PhD students who graduated last week. Pictured with Dan and Lesley are (L-R) Florentia Koulouri (MA), Gina Vernon (MA), Francine de Jager (MA; Chancellor's Prize winner) and Aisha Dukali (PhD). Well done to you all (including those not pictured but listed below, of course!) and the best of luck in whatever you go on to do next (which, in some cases, we suspect might be a PhD...).

Not pictured but equally successful were: Sarah Ableman, Hannah Alipoor, Hannah Borge, Sam Castlehouse, Kamil Domurat, Ingrid Kellock, Robert Ogle, Van Thanh Tran, Khwanhathai Vividhwara and Hayarpi Yeghikyan.

Hazel Price