A busy "reading" week for Jeffries

Lesley Jeffries spent time in London last week, presenting on her research into the language of war crimes trials in the former Yugoslavia at a symposium entitled "#NotAskingForIt: Rape, Discourse and Media" at Middlesex University on 23rd February 2017. She was joined by Huddersfield doctoral graduate and Honorary Research Fellow, Ulrike Tabbert, who presented on her research into the construction of criminal and victim identities in news reporting.

Lesley also visited Parliament to discuss her continuing research into the language of government with the head of Hansard in the House of Lords. Hansard is the verbatim record of everything that is said in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and Lesley’s next project, ‘Hansard at Huddersfield’, aims to provide a user-friendly interface for non-specialists to explore this rich data source in a number of dimensions.

Hazel Price