Students and staff impress at IAFPA in Split

Huddersfield's representation was strong at this week's International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics conference in Split, Croatia.

Senior Lecturer Erica Gold and Research Assistants Sula Ross and Kate Earnshaw gave a talk on "Delimiting the West Yorkshire population: examining the regional specificity of hesitation markers".

Soon-to-be 2017 graduate Elliott Land and Senior Lecturer Erica Gold gave a talk on "Speaker identification using laughter in a close social network".

Soon-to-be 2017 graduate Francesca Hippey and Senior Lecturer Erica Gold presented a poster on "Detecting remorse in the voice: a preliminary investigation into the perception of remorse using a voice line-up methodology".

Well done, all, and see below for Francesca and Elliott in action!