Huddersfield take over PALA 2017 in West Chester

A slew of Huddersfield presentations will fill up the schedule for this year's Poetics And Linguistics Association conference, held at West Chester University in Pennsylvania this week.

Professor Dan McIntyre will give a keynote talk on "From steam to software: on the use of computers in stylistics"

Dan McIntyre and Senior Lecturer Erica Gold will speak on "The acoustic properties of fuck: Sound and meaning in a scene from The Wire"

Chloe Harrison (Coventry) and Lecturer Louise Nuttall will speak on "Re-reading in stylistics"

Professor Lesley Jeffries and department associate Brian Walker will speak on "Austerity in the Commons: A corpus critical analysis of austerity in Hansard (1803-2015)"

PhD student and research guru Hazel Price and Jack Wilson (Salford) will speak on "Metaphor, Performance and Comprehension: An Analysis of Tom Waits’ Emotional Weather Report"

Congrats all!