Undergraduate research: focus on forensic speech science

Continuing our mini-celebration of our undergraduate research, in this post we'll be detailing the work that our students have conducted in forensic speech science.

Linguistics at Huddersfield is building a name for itself in forensic speech science as one of the few undergraduate programmes in the UK that offers Forensic Phonetics and Forensic Linguistics and as home of the ESRC-funded WYRED project.

The following students were inspired by this and a number of them have gone on to study forensic speech science at postgraduate level.

  • Detecting remorse in the voice: a preliminary investigation into the perception of remorse using a voice line-up methodology - Francesca Hippey
  • A study of the effects of psychological stress on vowel formant frequencies - Jenny Bamforth
  • Speaker identification using laughter in a close social network - Elliott Land
  • Forensic phonetics: delving deeper into speaking rate - Laura Farrell
  • Investigating Bradford speakers' ability to imitate a SSBE accent: implications for forensic phonetics - Lucy Jackson