Undergraduate research: focus on lesser-studied languages

It's that time of year - all the undergraduate dissertations are in and we're marvelling at the breadth and depth of the research that our final years are producing.

As a mini-celebration of this, we'll be releasing some blog posts with a flavour of the topics that our students write their longest pieces of work on, starting with lesser-studied languages.

We're a proudly multilingual cohort and promoting confidence, pride and interest in community languages is a key part of our role as educators and researchers in linguistics. The following dissertations investigate a range of languages from Dholuo (Luo) to Pahari (Indo-Aryan) and Cantonese, comprising languages spoken natively by our students, studied in our Field Linguistics module or just of interest to our newly-minted linguists. They also consider a range of methods of investigating languages that haven't attracted much academic attention and applications for their findings.

  • Face framework in complaining: a Persian and English comparison - Hannah Alipoor
  • Consonants of Dholuo - Lana Dolan-Rathmell
  • Endangered languages: eliciting lexical and semantic data in field research - Katie Coxall
  • Acquisition of Pahari Punjabi pronouns in simultaneous bilinguals - Tayebah Anwar
  • Heritage language [Mirpuri Pahari/Punjabi] influence and identity: a case study of children aged three-four and their use of alveolar consonants - Zulekha Yousaf
  • A case-study: the production of alveolar stops by British-Gujarati speakers across three generations - Safiyyah Fadia
  • An investigation of code-switching: English and Jamaican Creole - Katherine Shaw
  • A syntactic and semantic study of Cantonese zo2 and gwo3 -  Lok Yiu Staphanie Wong
  • How are notions of (im)politeness demonstrated in bilingual Bengali speakers from within the home? Salma Rahman
  • Do monolinguals, bilinguals and heritages speakers differ in their uses of past tense in Sylheti? Yasmeen Khatoon
  • A case study: (de)voicing of lenis/voiced fricatives in Welsh and Welsh English - Eskarina Yeates
  • Conversational codeswitching and repairs in Cypriot Greek and English - Stavroulla Michail

...and don't forget those languages spoken beyond our solar system...

  • A stylistic analysis of the language of Yoda - Aaron Haviland