Undergraduate research: focus on Northern Englishes

Continuing our mini-celebration of our undergraduate research, in this post we'll be detailing the work that our students have conducted on Northern English dialects and language use.

'Uddersfield as a university is proud to exist in and for the communities of West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, as well as for anyone else who wishes to come and join us! A number of our students come from the North West and the North West of England and have found inspiration in their local accents, dialects and communities for their dissertations.

  • A perceptual approach to the Yorkshire accent - Stephanie Finch
  • /h/ dropping in West Yorkshire - Inayah Hussain
  • An analysis of opposition and transitivity in two articles on the Bradford race riot - Suhail Khan
  • Do people from three geographically close towns in Lancashire perceive differences in dialect: a brief insight into perceived accent and dialect - Emma Rogerson
  • A case study: the acoustic correlates of vowels in emotions acted by three female West Yorkshire English speakers - Leanne West
  • "A'as frae Cumbria, marra!": the production of a Cumbrian dialect dictionary - Nikita Alexander
  • A study of the acoustics of the speech of female speakers of Manchester English and West Yorkshire English - Amy Barnes
  • Investigating Bradford speakers' ability to imitate a SSBE accent: implications for forensic phonetics - Lucy Jackson
  • An investigation into whether distinctive features of Liverpool English are diminishing overtime - Megan Rooney