Continuing commitment to Continuing Professional Development: A-level teacher day

Many might think that we celebrate the end of June because our marking deadlines have passed - in fact, we're (also) celebrating the annual recurrence of our A-level teacher CPD day.

This year 50 teachers from 30 schools and colleges around England joined us to talk about questions in child language, analysing storytelling and grammar and meaning in Old and Middle English texts. We were also treated to wonderful invited talks by Ian Cushing, a doctoral researcher at Aston University/UCL, on metaphor and by one of our own Bridge Fellows, Babette Verhoeven-Newsome of Aquinas College (Stockport) on linguistic relativity. 

Ian is also involved with the fantastic Englicious initiative at UCL ( that all teachers should take a peek at. 

If you want to know more about this or next year's event, Bridge fellowships and other teaching outreach that we do, check this website's Teachers page and drop Louise Nuttall a line at