IAFPA 2018 at Huddersfield: a phon-tastic success

This week saw the International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics conference come to Huddersfield for the first time. Erica Gold, Kate Earnshaw and Sula Ross, with the help of Hazel Price, organised and oversaw a hugely successful conference filled with the latest advances in forensic speech science.

Huddersfield's contributions are listed below, with particular honours due to recent BA graduate Lucy Jackson, whose paper was voted best student paper! That's the third year in a row that a Huddersfield student has been so honoured and we all extend our congratulations to Lucy and all her fellow student presenters.

Oral presentations:
Lucy Jackson and Erica Gold: Investigating Bradford speakers' ability to imitate an SSBE accent: implications for forensic phonetics

Poster presentations:
Francesca Hippey (BA alumna, now York): Acoustic cues of remorse in the voice

Elliott Land (BA alumnus, now York): Exploring solutions to the 'Weak Evidence Effect' in forensic speaker comparison casework

Alex Stephenson (BA alumnus, now York): Performance of a formant-based speaker comparison system using GSM recordings with high levels of background noise

The WYRED database also made more than a few appearances, and the WYRED team will now host a satellite workshop, focusing on data sharing amongst forensic phoneticians and sociophoneticians. If you're in the West Yorkshire area tomorrow [Thurs 2nd Aug], swing by!