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Professor Lesley Jeffries

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Professor Lesley Jeffries

BA (Reading) PhD (Leeds) FHEA

Professor of English Language and Linguistics


My PhD (Leeds) was in stylistics of newspapers, and my first book (Jeffries 1993) was on the stylistics of poetry. I joined the University in 1990 and was Head of English before being appointed to the Research Coordinator post in 2005 and to the Chair of English Language in 2007. I am Chair of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) and was organiser of the 25th annual conference of Pala in 2005 editing the proceedings (Rodopi 2007) with two colleagues, Dan McIntyre and Derek Bousfield. We also organised a mini-Pala conference in 2007. I am the series editor of the Perspectives on the English Language series for Palgrave and a member of the editorial board of the journal Language and Literature (Sage). I review articles for Language and Literature, Applied Linguistics, and Poetics and have reviewed grant applications for the AHRC. I have supervised three PhD students to completion and have four further students I am currently supervising on topics ranging from the language of advertising to negation in discourse. I have also examined PhD candidates at three other Universities. I have been awarded University bursary funding for four PhD students and my last sabbatical in 2005-6 was extended by a match-funded grant from the AHRC. I am the Director of the Stylistics Research Centre.

Research and Scholarship

I have published four books and a number of articles and book chapters based on my research into the style of contemporary poetry and ideology in news reporting and political discourse. I am currently engaged in two collaborative projects, one with colleagues at Lancaster University and the University of Central Lancashire (Literary Interpretation) and the other with colleagues at Huddersfield (Language in Conflict). I regularly present at international conferences and give invited talks to research groups at other Universities, most recently at Swansea, Leeds Metropolitan, Sheffield and Lancaster Universities. I am currently finishing the revisions to a book on constructed opposition, and beginning a new corpus study of poetic language.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research degree supervision

  • Critical discourse analysis

  • Feminist linguistics

  • Language in conflict

  • Stylistics of poetry