Research Seminars

Research seminars

Liverpool lexicography: compiling the Liverpool English Dictionary

Tony Crowley (University of Leeds)

Wednesday 21st November 2018

The Liverpool English Dictionary: A Record of the Language of Liverpool 1850-2015 on Historical Principles (Liverpool University Press, 2017), was based on more than thirty years research and was compiled using traditional and contemporary lexicographical methods. Together with Scouse: A Social and Cultural History(LUP, 2012), the LED refutes the traditional account of the history of language in Liverpool.

In this paper I will address a number of questions that arose during the historical documentation of this local urban vernacular. These include issues such as: the difficulty of explaining the creation of Liverpool English and its dating; cultural and linguistic boundaries; spatio-linguistic variation within the city; major influences on the form; historical attitudes towards it; its role in the formation of cultural identity.